The onTap Framework Needs Your Support

Firstly, don't fear the wiki! (Thanks to the Mach-II team for the Blue-Oyster Cult reference.) :)

Don't be concerned about your level of knowledge or expertise. We want to hear from everyone at every level of skill and every level of involvement with the framework. So even if there's just something you want to know how to do with the framework, feel free to create a new page in the wiki for a guide or tutorial on that subject and in the content just add "Coming Soon!" and that will let the rest of us know to work on that page. :)

This wiki allows anonymous edits. We're relying on the honor system for the moment to keep people from spamming or fouling the wiki. We will be monitoring changes on the wiki both as a way of keeping in touch with the community, to offer clarification where it might be helpful and to keep the wiki from becoming another 4chan.

What does that mean for you? It means you can provide any additions or corrections you want without being required to create an account on We do encourage you to create an account, because that will help us coordinate the community's effort however, if you don't think you'll edit pages much or if you just don't want another account to manage, then feel free to make anonymous edits.

If you're feeling ambitious, we'd love to have you write entire wiki pages with tutorials, etc.

Designers! If you have any graphic design talent and would like to help out in that department, we'd love to have your input on the official project site as well as the interface for the various plugins to give them more polish. Join the mailing list or contact us directly to get the ball rolling.

Here are several other ways you can contribute:

  • Join the Google Groups Forum
  • Make Suggestions: Simplest thing you can do. Is there something you've always wanted to be able to do with CF and haven't had the time? Join the mailing list or contact us and we'll do out best to make that happen. We may create a plugin to integrate an existing project from someone else or we may build something new, depending on the requirements. The worst case scenario is that we can't come up with an immediate solution and then we'll post it in our list of feature enhancement requests where more people can review it as the community grows and eventually perhaps someone will find a solution.
  • Write about the framework: Download it, check it out and write a blog about your experiences. We love reviews! We love good reviews! We love bad reviews! If you've tried it and had a bad experience, write a blog about that. It may very well be that you had issues with something we didn't like and have since improved - OR - if not then various members of the community can help you resolve whatever issue you're having. If you've tried it and enjoyed working with it, then definitely let everyone know about that!
  • Documentation: If there's anything you don't understand about the framework, or would like to understand better, just ask. As a matter of fact, we recently added blog-style or livedocs-style comments to the official project site and that includes all the pages of the documentation. If we've omitted anything in the documentation or if there's anything that could be better explained, we're more than happy to update the documentation. :)
  • Review / Contribute Code: Look over the code and see what you find. If you can improve it -- performance, better functionality, better security, etc. then join the mailing list or contact us to find out how to get it into an upcoming release.
  • Write Plugins: DataFaucet is a good example of this. The DataFaucet ORM framework includes an onTap framework plugin in its distribution. What's it do? Not much -- all it does is act as a facade for integrating the DataFaucet ORM with the onTap framework. The installer may be a little involved, but guess how big the guts of it are? TWO files... yes, two. Not two-hundred, not twenty, TWO. Beyond that, the rest of the plugin is the installer... the installer is actually much larger than the plugin itself! What I'm really getting at here is that creating a plugin for the onTap framework is really easy to do and you may even already have a project or application that would work well as a service like DataFaucet or as a sub-application. Do you like Transfer? Would you rather use Transfer than DataFaucet? Write a Transfer plugin! I'm sure Mark would love to include it in his Transfer distribution and of course, if you have any questions about how to write the plugin or the installer, just ask, we're happy to help!